141110 - 55510 Class 141 Driving Motor Second (Scrapped)

Last Location

Weardale Railway

Location History

Weardale Railway 99-Mar 18

Current Status

Scrapped at Weardale RailwayMar 18



Last Livery

Metrotrain Red



Partner Vehicle(s)


Record Last Updated

3 April 2018

Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
55510 was preserved as a complete set with partner 55530. Unlike first generation railcars, it was far more common for Class 141 units to operate in their as-built formations, 55510 & 55530 were therefore bought as a complete 2-car set, more commonly known by their set number: 141110.

Although the exact date of preservation is uncertain, most of the Class 141s in preservation were bought in the 1999. 55510 was moved to the growing Weardale Railway, who were interested in acquiring reliable rolling stock for an all-year-round community service.

The line received two Class 141 sets, the other being 141103. It was this latter example which was chosen to be restored and operated, with 55510 being bought as a strategic source of spare parts.

In 2009, the vehicle’s partner, 55530, was disposed of, however 55510 was kept in store for several more years as a spares donor.

In March 2018 the vehicle was extracted from store and scrapped along with the railway's main set 55503/55523. It is not known if they were cut on site or transported to a scrapyard for final dismantling. The disposal of these three vehicles left the Weardale railway with no 2nd generation vehicles.

The loss of 55510 left just two Class 141 sets in preservation.


Either 55510 or 55530 (current ID unknown) at the Weardale Railway giving up parts for 141103. Weardale Railway