LEV1 (RDB975874)

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National Railway Museum

Location History

National Railway Museum (York) 87-Jun 04

Current Location

Wensleydale Railway


North Norfolk Railway Jun 04-Aug 12

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National Railway Museum (Shildon) Aug 12-Oct 12

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Wensleydale Railway Oct 12-Present

TRA Designation




National Railway Museum






Record Last Updated

18 October 2014


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
Experimental railbus with a body based on the Leyland National bus. Used for trials on branch lines in the Norfolk area during its British Rail days. The vehicle has carried its current yellow livery since new. Owned by the NRM, LEV1 was initially stored at York before moving to the geographically appropriate North Norfolk Railway in 2004.

A small team restored LEV1 which had been out of use for many years between 2004 & 2010. The vehicle was launched into service on the 17th April 2010. It is believed that this was its first passenger run since July 1983 on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway.

Although used at galas including Diesel and Bus events, LEV1 saw comparatively little use, and was relocated to the Wensleydale Railwayin 2012 via the NRM's Shildon site.

In October 2012, LEV1 made its first moves on the Wensleydale Railway. The heater was also revived a short time later.

Future Plans
To maintain in service


LEV1 stabled at Leeming Bar, 8/6/14. Zoe Hunter


LEV1 shortly after arrival at the Wensleydale Railway, 23/10/12. Jon Horsman


LEV1 during its brief stay at the National Railway Museum at Shildon, 16/10/12. Anon Mouse


LEV1 stabled at Weybourne, 30/10/11. Mike Gill


LEV1 passing Waggon und Maschinenbau railbus E79960 at Weybourne station, 18/4/10. Tony Smith


LEV1 at Weybourne station, 18/4/10. Tony Smith


Under restoration in the yard at Weybourne, 19/7/09. Chris Moxon


Under restoration in the yard at Weybourne, 26/7/08. Chris Moxon