National Railway Museum (Shildon)

The National Railway Museum is the most popular of its type in the world. Leaders in many respects of British railway preservation, they hold a huge collection of vehicles covering between the dawn of railways to the contemporary era.

The museum over the years has claimed vehicles after they became surplus to requirements by “mainline” operators, such as British Railways. Railcars were not overlooked, and the collection includes a GWR Railcar, Class 101 & 108 sets and an experimental (Second Generation) Railbus.

In common with other kinds of traction, many items in the collection are away from their main base at York, either at their outpost at Shildon, or on loan to other museums and heritage railways around the UK. The East Lancs Railway has links with the National Railway Museum, with a set often located there.

There are currently no vehicles located at the National Railway Museum (Shildon)