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Waverley Route Heritage Centre

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Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway 94-04

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Waverley Route Heritage Centre


Telford Steam Railway 04-May 11

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Midland Railway Butterley Aug 11-May 12

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Chocolate & Cream


Waverley Route Heritage Centre May 12-Present

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The Railbus Trust

Visited Railways

National Railway Museum (Shildon) Apr 09-Nov 09




Llangollen Railway May 11-Aug 11

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18 October 2014


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
Experimental railbus with a body based on the Leyland National bus. Originally preserved on the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway, it is not known if the vehicle ever operated at the line under its own power.

In 2004 it was sold and relocated to the Telford Steam Railway and was restored to working order, receiving a fictitious chocolate & cream livery in 2006.

The vehicle was returned to traffic in 2007 replacing the line's Class 104 set.

In 2011 the vehicle was put up for sale and purchased by the Railbus Trust, whose stated mission is to bring back the various Leyland railbus demonstrator vehicles to the UK and restore them for use on various heritage railways.

Since 2011 the group have maintained and operted RB004 in service and made many improvements to its reliability which was always previously a problem for the vehicle. RB004 saw much popular us at the Midland Railway Butterley and visited the Llangollen Railway in 2011 for their gala.

During 2012 the vehicle was relocated to the Waverley Route Heritage Centre where it is to provide passenger services on the embryonic heritage line.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


RB004 stabled at Whitrope, 6/5/14. David Milburn-Shell


RB004 stabled at Swanwick Junction, 15/3/12. Mike Gill


RB004 at Butterley during the Railcar Gala, 11/9/11. Chris Moxon


Leaving Llangollen for Butterley, 22/8/11. Llangolln Railcar Group


Only a clean required before RB004 can operate at the gala, 13/6/11. Llangolln Railcar Group


Llangollen Railcars had to fit a coupler to the Llangollen end, as the bus had been delivered without one. This was accomplished (not without considerable difficulty) by the end of the afternoon. They also had to remove all the steps fitted to the unit as we had discovered that it was out of gauge, 28/5/11. Llangolln Railcar Group


In the evening they took RB004 out on its first test run on Llangollen metals, reaching Carrog and gauging all the platforms and structures on the line. A second run was made to Deeside following which it was decided that they ought to do some work on the bus' water system before the gala. The unusual single car is seen at Deeside Loop, 28/5/11. Llangolln Railcar Group


Gala visitor RB004 has been inspected and has had a couple of runs on the "back road" towards Llangollen. It is due to be main line tested this weekend, 22/5/11. Llangolln Railcar Group


RB004 stabled at Telford, 28/12/09. Chris Moxon


RB004 stabled at Telford, 5/5/08. Simon Edwards


RB004 alongside 53479, 5/5/08. Simon Edwards


RB004 stabled at Telford, 21/10/07. Simon Edwards


An undated view of RB004 at Embsay, Gary Duckworth




The larger of RB004's passenger saloons, 11/9/11. Chris Moxon


The smaller of RB004's passenger saloons, 11/9/11. Chris Moxon