56047 Class 114 Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory

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Strathspey Railway

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Strathspey Railway ?-Present

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Strathspey Railway



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BR Green (Half Yellow Panel)



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Record Last Updated

7 July 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
Little is known of this vehicle. Preserved in the early 1990's, the vehicle appears to have operated some services on the Strathspey Railway, in multiple with Class 107 DMBS 52008. At some point the vehicle received BR Green livery.

In 1996, 56047 was partially refurbished with new carpets and seat covers in the first class saloon.

In 2000 Class 107 DMCL 52030 was returtned to traffic, releasing 56047 from the operating set for overhaul.

56047 is currently in store awaiting its turn for restoration.

Future Plans
To return to service when resources are available.


A rather faded 56047 still in store, 6/6/18. Deborah Stokes


56047 stored at Boat of Garten, 16/8/11. Ian McLoughlin


56047 stored at Boat of Garten awaiting its turn for restoration, 15/10/09. Bob Faulkner


56047 stored at Boat of Garten, 14/5/08. David Beardmore


56047 stabled on the Strathspey Railway, 18/2/99. On tour with the class 13 army


56047 at Aviemore on the Strathspey Railway during the line's diesel gala. It is forming the 14:10 to Boat of Garten, 23/5/98. Stuart Mackay