52030 Class 107 Driving Motor Composite Lavatory

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Strathspey Railway

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Strathspey Railway Mar 96-Present

Current Location

Strathspey Railway



Current Status

Under Restoration



Current Livery

BR Green (Half Yellow Panel)



TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)




My Little Sprinter Ltd






Record Last Updated

1 July 2014


Preservation Modifications
Replacement seats have been fitted in second class. Ex-EMU seats were used.

Preservation Information
52030 was purchased from Millerhill as an ex-Sandite unit in 1996 with partner 51990 for the Strathspey Railway.

Two months after arrival, 52030 & 51990 made a brief run in preservation in multiple with the operating set at the time, 52008/56047.

During the 1990's 52030 saw a return to service, which involved the reinstatement of the seating and a repaint into BR Green. It operated during the late 1990's with 52008, an replaced 56047 in the railway's operating set.

However the set's deteriorating condition meant it later fell out of use.

The late 2000's have seen restoration recommence on 52030.

Future Plans
To return to service. This requires a fault in the start circuit to be rectified, along with a leaking seal in the forward/reverse dog. The batteries also require replacement.


52030 stored at Boat of Garten, 16/8/11. Ian McLoughlin


52030 stored at Boat of Garten, 14/8/09. Bill Pugsley


52030 in store, 14/5/08. David Beardmore


52030 in store on the Strathspey Railway, 10/2/07. Michael David Grange


52030 at Boat of Garten. Stuart Mackay