51622 Class 127 Driving Motor Brake Second

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Great Central Railway

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Great Central Railway 84-Present

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Great Central Railway



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BR Green (Speed Whiskers)



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Red Triangle Society






Record Last Updated

30 July 2016


Preservation Modifications
Gangways were fitted to the vehicle to enable through access to the bar in 59276.

Preservation Information
51616 was purchased by a group of ex-railwaymen formed of drivers from Cricklewood depot. Together they formed the Red Triangle Society and saved 51622 and partner 51616, locating them on the growing Great Central Railway in 1984.

The vehicles were restored and returned to traffic in BR Green livery. They were joined by a centre car, unique Class 120 buffet 59276, and operated as a set for many years on the GCR.

However deteriorating bodywork resulted in 51622 being taken out of traffic around the year 2000. After a period in store, a start was made on the bodywork repairs. However the increasing age of the ownership group meant progress during this 10 year period was slow.

In 2011 however, a new consortium of volunteers was formed to return the vehicles to passenger service. During the year work mechanical work was undertaken with both engines being resurrected as alongside many other miscellaneous jobs. Work on tidying up the interior and exterior was also completed, with the best of the original seats from 51616/51622 being fitted into this vehicle.

The vehicle moved under its own power for the first time in 12 years at Loughborough in March 2012 on a test run with 50266. The vehicle (in the same formation) carried passenges at the line's war weekend in June and was in service again for the railcar convention in September. During the year, the rolling programme of mechanical improvements/maintenance continued to increase the reliability and mechanical condition of the vehicle. The air systems and brake gear were recertified for use and the exhaust systems repaired. The external appearance was also improved with some patch repairs & painting and a roof dome repaint.

In 2013, 51622 regained its normal partner 51616, and now sees occational use at special events.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


M51622/M51616 stabled at Loughborough. Brian Battersby


51622 being tested again with 50266, coupled to Class 101 set 50321/51427, in preparation for TRA Convention weekend, 5/9/12. Liam Tinsley


51622 at Woodthorpe operating with passengers for the first time in 12 years during the line's war weekend with Class 101's 50266, 50321 & 51427, 9/6/12. Chris Moxon


51622 heads a 4-car set with 50266, 51427 & 50321 at Loughborough, 9/5/12. Liam Tinsley


Repaintng on M51622, showing new lining and numbering, 26/4/12. Liam Tinsley


51622 on shed at Loughborough, 18/4/12. Liam Tinsley


51622 on test with 50266 at Loughborough, 21/3/12. Liam Tinsley


51622 at Loughborough showing off a repainted roof dome, 21/3/12. Liam Tinsley


Front end corrosion repairs on 51622 being followed up by fresh paint and reapplied whiskers, 8/1/12. Liam Tinsley


51622 under restoration at Rothley, 19/8/11. Liam Tinsley


51622 under restoration at Rothley, 19/8/11. Liam Tinsley


51622 stored at Loughborough, 2/8/07. Andy Cole


51622 at the north end of Loughborough shed, 23/2/05. Stuart Mackay


51622, 59276 & 51616 in store at Loughborough, 12/9/04. Simon Edwards


51622 in Loughborough station during a Red Triangle Society Christmas charter. The appalling front end condition was due to 'washable' paint applied for a filming job taking more off with it than it should have, 1/12/00. Stuart Mackay


51622, 59276 & 51616 stabled at Loughboroughin 1996. John Law


51622, 59276 & 51616 in service at Loughborough, 1/8/96. Tony Willmore


51622 at Loughborough, 22/5/88. Robert Frise


51622 at Loughborough, 1/8/85. Malcolm Clements


51622 being loaded for a short move from the mainline at Loughborough to the preserved GCR, 1984. Liam Tinsley


51622 being loaded for a short move from the mainline at Loughborough to the preserved GCR, 1984. Liam Tinsley


51622 being loaded for a short move from the mainline at Loughborough to the preserved GCR, 1984. Liam Tinsley




51622's cab, 19/8/11. Liam Tinsley


One of 51622's seats, 19/8/11. Liam Tinsley


Driver Graham Christian eases the leading power car of the Great Central Railway-based Class 127 'Bed-Pan', (51616/22) - that includes the sole-surviving Swindon Class 120 car, trailer buffet 59276 - over Swithland reservoir. This was during the first public trains over the initial section of double track, running a shuttle from Quorn & Woodhouse station to Swithland. Today, the double track is in everyday use; sadly the Class 127 has been discarded and badly needs some TLC, 20/4/97. Mel Holley.