59719 Class 115 Trailer Composite Lavatory

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Mid Hants Railway

Location History

South Devon Railway 91-Feb 12

Current Location

Mid Hants Railway


Mid Hants Railway Feb 12-Present

Current Status

Operational (Hauled Stock)



Current Livery

BR Green



TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)





Mid Hants Railway






Record Last Updated

16 April 2013


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
59719 was withdrawn in November 1990 and preserved on the South Devon Railway the following year. Bought by the Dart Wyvern Group for use on the South Devon Railway, the vehicle was restored to operational condition and repainted into BR Green.

It then operated between Class 127 powercars 51592 & 51604 for several years on off-peak services.

However by the mid 2000's the set’s deteriorating condition meant increased periods out of use, only appearing for gala events and often as loco hauled coaching stock.

It is thought that 59719's last day of passenger service on the SDR was in April 2008 for a diesel gala.

In 2011, a change in the owner’s priorities meant the vehicle was offered to the Mid Hants Railway free of charge. Following a sucessful appeal to raise the transport costs, the vehicle made the move in February 2012, as a direct replacement for the railway's Class 117 3-car set which had departed the line in 2011.

However by December 2012, the decision had been taken to scrap the two powercars 59719 operated with, and so the previous restoration plans for the vehicle were abandoned. 59719 was in better condition than the now-scrapped powercars however so it was retained for use as loco hauled coaching stock.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


59719 in service as hauled stock with 51592 & 51604 at Buckfastleigh, 26/4/08. Simon Edwards


59719 on the South Devon Railway, 1/6/01. Robert Frise