Diesel Railbuses

A variety of diesel Railbuses have been preserved on the UK’s heritage railways. The most numerous group are the remains of British Railways’ ill fated attempts to reduce costs on rural branch lines during the late 1950’s through experiments using 1950’s German practice. Although five types were trialled only two are represented in preservation.

A Swedish railcar from a similar era has also been included here.

A second wave of Railbuses were built during the 1980’s in the form of several demonstrators when British Rail were experimenting with different concepts which eventually transformed into the pacer units. The unsuitability of the vehicles in passenger service allied with their consequential low mileages have made them favourable for preservation.

Finally, a few four wheel vehicles built for use in departmental roles have been included. They never carried passengers on the mainline but have been converted into passenger carrying vehicles during preservation.

First Generation


Number Type Location
79960 W&M Ribble Steam Railway
79962 W&M Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
79963 W&M East Anglian Railway Museum
79964 W&M Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
79976 AC Cars Private Site: Nemesis Rail
79978 AC Cars Colne Valley Railway


Second Generation


Number Location
LEV1 Wensleydale Railway
LEV2 Overseas: Connecticut Trolley Museum
RB002 Overseas: Riverstown Old Corn Railway
LEV3 Overseas: Downpatrick & County Down Railway
RB004 Waverley Route Heritage Centre


Departmental Vehicles Converted into Passenger Railbuses in Preservation


Number Type Location
998901 Drewry Middleton Railway
999507 Wickham Lavender Line


Overseas Railcars


Number Country of Origin Type Location
1212 Sweden Y7 Nene Valley Railway
1987 Sweden UBF7Z Nene Valley Railway


Now Scrapped


Number Type Last Location
79979 AC Cars Strathspey Railway